2018 North Iowa Home Show

Exhibitors that do not have to drive to their booth can set up at anytime if you can carry or cart your items to your booth. You may set up on Friday prior to show opening if it will only take you a couple of hours to set up.


Wednesday, February 21 1 PM – 5 PM B1, B2, B13-B14, B27-B28, B29-B42, B43-B56, C1-C3, G6-G30
Thursday, February 22 8 AM – NOON B3-B6, B15-B20
1 PM – 7 PM B7-B12, B21-B26, G1, G2, G3
Friday, February 23 10 AM – NOON G4, G5


Wednesday, February 21 1 PM – 5 PM A10-A22, A32-A40, A50-A58, A59, A60, A63-A65,
A66-A73, A74, A75, A81-A88, A96-A103, A111-A118, A124-A131
3 PM – 5 PM A29-A31, A47-A49, A79, A80, A119-A123, A104-A110
Thursday, February 22 9 AM – 7 PM A1-A9, A27, A28, A45, A46, A61, A62, A76-A78, A89-A95
2 PM – 7 PM A25-A26, A43-A44, D3-D8
4:00 PM A23, A24
Friday, February 23 NOON – 1 PM A41, A42

(After unloading, exhibitors may continue to set up until 5:00 PM Wednesday, 7:00 PM Thursday and Friday until 2:00 PM)

*This schedule is designed for you to drive in, unload, and park vehicles outside exhibit hall. If you have any questions or conflicts with unloading or set-up times, please call our office.

To keep set-up running smoothly, please follow move-in times as closely as possible and be courteous and patient with other exhibitors.

Do not leave vehicles unattended in exhibit hall or entrance to overhead doors. Overhead doors will be closed for drive in access at 5:00 PM on Thursday. All exhibitors assigned for Wednesday set up can complete on Thursday and Friday, but there is no drive-in accessibility to your booth after Wednesday. Set up must be complete by 2:00 PM Friday.